Yullis Brews

Yullis Brews Toby Crossing Indian Pacific Ale


Fruity - Low Bitterness - Hazy - Full Bodied 

Toby is a sandgroper through and through
Always seen with a beer in hand and a salty hair do
Walking his dog under gaze of dingo
Its wait-a-while over here in old Freo
Step into his shop he's the jack of all trades
Take home his suggestion and you'll be amazed

From ocean to ocean he's crossed the Nullarbor
The trip over east done many times before
With Jay's almighty blessing he hit the frog and toad
Before stumbling upon dusty old Burrows road
A chat with the boys they put hops in the kettle
A beer was canned inside a piece of metal
But how to get this juice back to the big state?
The Indian Pacific of course, my old mate.

COUNTRY: Australia
SIZE: 375ml
ABV: 5.70%
IBU: 30
HOPS: Galaxy, Samba, Strata

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