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Old Bridge Quarterly Drop 'Sip' Pack - Whites


Great job, you're almost there. You have selected 'Sip' and 'Whites'. Now its time to make the final choices for your Old Bridge Quarterly Drop...

Step 3 - Are you adventurous when it comes to wine? (i.e. do you enjoy a chilled red, or an alternative white, perhaps a natural wine or Pet Nat on the occasion). Or are you more traditional? (i.e. you're more into the classics, sticking to well-known varietals and established winemaking styles)

Step 4 - This ones easy. How many bottles will you need every three months? 

Step 5 - Now 'add to cart', let us know any extra details and continue to 'checkout' where you'll select delivery or pick-up.

For more information head to the FAQ's on the subscription page.

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