Aug 01, 2022Meg David


In late 2021, two small businesses in Como teamed up to combine their services for the local community. Old Bridge Cellars brings the booze and Our Ruby Girl, an equal opportunity employer, brings the grab-and-go meals. 

The pair, who feed and water the masses on a daily basis, are hosting an intimate Long Table Dinner as part of David’s Wine Club, which was a catalyst for the partnership. 

Being an equal opportunity employer means Our Ruby Girl hires people living with a disability. They believe every person has the right to respect, understanding and equal opportunity, values shared by Old Bridge Cellars. 

David, an employee at Our Ruby Girl, identified having a career in the wine industry as his ultimate goal and was put in touch with resident wine nerd, Aly Forsyth from Old Bridge Cellars, to help foster this dream and share his knowledge.

As part of the Wine Club, David works with the Old Bridge team each month to select a wine to pair with one of the grab-and-go meals. Now, the team at Our Ruby Girl are upping their game, morphing the takeaway range into a 6-course degustation paired with wines from David’s Wine Club for the Long Table Dinner event. 

Our Ruby Girl Owner, Sarah Yates, said the partnership with Old Bridge Cellars has added a new element to the business. 

“It has been so wonderful to help David further his knowledge in an area he is passionate about as well as offer our customers wine pairings for our grab-and-go range,” said Ms Yates. 

From a Salmon & Fennel Pie paired with an Italian Soave through to Brisket Mac and Cheese matched with a complex Montepulciano, the menu will take you on a journey of the wine club over the past 6 months. The Sticky Date Pudding accompanies a deep, sticky muscat as a perfect way to round out the evening. 

The event will be an intimate evening at the Como cafe, nestled amongst the quaint decor of the usually bustling Como coffee house. 

The Long Table Dinner presented by Our Ruby Girl & Old Bridge Cellars is on Thursday 19 August at 6pm. Tickets are $105/head, are very limited and can be purchased here -

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